Thursday, January 20, 2011


Luckily Val Cenis had more to do than skiing or snowshoeing.  The second full day we spent there would have felt eternal had I not found another activity to do.  I could only walk down the same main drag and walk into the same 5 shops so many times.  I knew things were starting to get really bad when I enjoyed washing dishes by hand... just to have something to do.

What had caught my eye the moment I looked into the activity brochure was ice waterfall climbing.  I wish I could say that's exactly what I did.  But it's not, since that option was only available from mid January to mid February.  So I moved onto my second choice: cross-country skiing.  Sadly, that too was unavailable, due to being booked solid.  There was one other option, a glimmer of hope for a somewhat event filled day: dog sledding.  It was 40 Euros for 30 minutes, but I gave in... mainly because it's something I had always wanted to do.

For 40 Euros I imagined I'd be able to somehow take the reins, for a few minutes at least. I later realized a large part of the money was actually just used for the care of the huskies, because instead of standing at the back of the sled, I found myself seated in it, with a blanket wrapped tightly around me.

In the end, I guess it was better that way, since, like I previously acknowledged, I don't speak French and apparently that's the only language the dogs know... besides the basic bark that is.  Either way, my commands would have probably led me right over a cliff.

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