Friday, January 2, 2009

Call me crazy!

49 years ago, a single man decided to celebrate the new year in an extreme way. It soon caught on among his friends, and today nearly 10,000 people across the country in various locations jump into the North Sea on New Year's Day. The New Year's Dive, as it is called, is sponsored by Unox, a food corporation. Those who jump in the water get a free hat and split pea soup to warm them up afterwards.
A friend and I went to Zandvoort aan Zee where about 2,000 of the total 10,000 people participated. It was... well, I'll let the video tell the rest.
Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. And now I can check that off my list of things I never knew I wanted to do, but did anyway.


Tim said...

So cool!


Angelfish said...

Wow Claire! You are pretty brave - and possibly slightly crazy! Have a fabulous New Year!!

Beckstrand's said...

You are the woman!!!!!

Danielle said...

This is why you are my HERO!!! That is awesome!

jbuell21 said...

I can't believe you did that! That is very awesome though and I don't know why I got tears in my eyes watching that-I'm definitely not pregnant so maybe it was the music but I am so glad you did it! I hope your 2009 is full of so many more accomplished goals and great experiences. Taryn watched it with me and liked it too-she kept commenting about your cold toes though. Happy New Year!

ReL said...

Holy wow! You're aweosme. I love reading your blog for reasons like this! seeing you try new and amazing things is so inspiring :-)