Sunday, January 11, 2009

After 12 warm years...

... the record broke, and Amsterdam is now experiencing a mighty cold winter. I sure am "lucky" to have my first full winter here be the coldest in well over a decade! My fingers freeze, my nose freezes, and my toes used to freeze until my sister brought me Uggs. Earlier this week I couldn't ride my bike into work because it too was frozen over. Brrr.

The bright side of the freezing temperatures means that the canals turn to sheets of glorious ice for kids young and old make into a winter playground. And after 12 years, the locals couldn't be happier, and are taking full advantage of the free outdoor ice skating.

But Mother Earth, now that the locals have had their fun, can you please bring us warm weather?

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ReL said...

That looks like so much fun but I'm with you on the weather deal...warm winter for the win!