Sunday, September 7, 2008

All good things must come to an end.

I'm back. And after dropping my mom off at the airport yesterday, I spent the rest of the day cleaning house and running necessary errands (which included buying a new bike) to once again head back into reality. My new bike is similar to my previous one, with an addition to a bike rack in front. However, it doesn't ride as nicely, since it was made in China (which is the European way to term 'generic'). I just took a picture of it from my window since it is raining outside and I'm not willing to sacrificing myself to the elements,... and that is my excuse for the picture quality.

My mom and I had quite the adventure... with a number of bumps along the way. My stolen bike was just the first of those bumps, and each one thereafter seemed to become bigger and bigger as the trip progressed. But besides those unwanted experiences, we had a wonderful trip. Plus it was great having 3 weeks to spend with my mom where she didn't have to divide her time with anyone else.

I'm still organizing the 1000+ pictures I took over the last few weeks. Along the way I had to buy another memory card and a charger (since I had left mine at home), but were well worth the added expense. I had also bought a small notepad to write outlines and highlights of each day in order to have an easier time remembering them when it came time to blog. However, as the trip came to a close, laziness overcame me. I only have notes on 16 of the 21 days. So, if my posts on Berlin and Rothenberg ob der Tauber seem short, you'll know the reason why.

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