Friday, October 3, 2008

Note from the editor

On Sunday, my Windows XP died on me. This means… my laptop is dead. Thanks to working with a bunch of computer geeks (term of endearment), we were able to save all the data off my computer. However, I can not find my XP media center edition restoration CD. We installed the XP professional version, but it's not working correctly.

I remembered yesterday that a co-worker in the US once told me his daughter has the same laptop I have. Today this US co-worker (and my NL co-worker) have managed to somehow transfer data from his daughters XP media center edition re-install CD over here.

The reason I'm explaining all this, is for the following reason: I will not have a working computer until next week. I was hoping to have it fixed by this afternoon, but that will no longer be possible. The data hasn’t finished downloading onto my NL co-worker’s computer, and once it’s downloaded we will have a few more steps to take in the process of restoring mine.

Please excuse the pause in my holiday adventures. I hope to resume my posts next week. * Fingers crossed.*



Danielle said...

Unacceptable! I am highly disappointed, but I am a loyel reader and will wait for next week. But do not ask anything else from me!

Jenny and Jake said...

I was just looking at all your fun pictures and the amazing places you have been! I have to tell you that you are absolutely beautiful and I am amazed at all the cool places you have been!