Monday, March 30, 2009

Insane or absolute genius?

It's safe to say that Gaudi is one of, if not 'the', most famous architect in Barcelona. His unconventional style is world renowned, and his buildings are absolutely amazing. There's no way you can truly experience the essence of Barcelona (no matter how much paella or how many tapas you eat) without visiting at least one or two of Gaudi's famous pieces of art.

So, while there, I dedicated an entire day just to him. I started my morning by taking a tour of La Pedrera, which is an apartment complex. The outside, although unique, did not grab at my attention. I actually found it rather bland, for lack of a better word. However the building reminded me of the geode rocks which look ordinary on the outside, but are filled with colorful crystals on the inside. There wasn't a crack or corner of the building that wasn't bursting with color. The roof top was like a giant playground, and the apartment opened for the tour was not only beautiful but filled with natural light in every single room. In a perfect world, I'll be rich enough to live in one. But until then I'll continue to dream...

That afternoon the 5 of us went to Park Guell, created by Gaudi. If you are 'fortunate enough' to make a wrong turn like we were, you can hike up a mini mountain (with the aid of occasional outdoor escalators), and then walk down to the park. Otherwise you can take the short route and lose out on added anticipation you receive when you're huffing and puffing up the hill. The park was another ingenious creation. The curves and colors amazed me. Granted it's not as large as I had imagined it would be, but then again, it's no ordinary park either... meaning you're still filled with about an hour's worth of exploring and picture taking.

That evening we ended the tour by visiting what may be his most famous work of art... which is still a work in progress. La Sagrada Familia is a structure which is hard to describe in words, and pictures don't give it justice. On the one hand you're left feeling that the building is way too cluttered and too much for your senses to absorb. On the other hand, though, you stand in awe as you try to see every inch of detail on the cathedral facade. Every nook and cranny on the building houses a statue depicting of the life of Christ. Hours could pass and you would still feel like you haven't seen everything Gaudi was trying to represent, along with what the current builders are trying to complete for him. It truly is a magnificent building.

So, in response to the question given by Goudi's city contractor of whether he was insane or an absolute genius, I'll take a venture and say he was probably a little bit of both.

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