Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Fast Flying Ferry

Seriously. Does a name get any cooler than that? Well, permit me answer for you: no, no it does not. And because it doesn't get any cooler than that, there's no way you can pass up going on the 'FFF' when an opportunity comes a-knocking. And for me, that opportunity came last week.

In my year and 4 months of living here, I hadn't heard of the 'FFF' until 9 days ago. (Odd, since the name alone is awesome). And my friends Bryan and Lis, who suggested the ride to me, had only heard about it a few weeks prior. So, on to the ever so important question: how could something so cool have stayed hidden in plain sight?! That, unfortunately, may be a question that I'll never have the answer to. But I will make it my mission in life to ensure that the Fast Flying Ferry will never, EVER, stay a well kept secret again!

The ferry (which is more like a hovercraft) is actually for commuters and not just an idea they came up of for tourists -- crazy, I know. It came into existence because of the increasing amounts of road traffic going from Amsterdam to the coast. The 65kph boat ride takes 25 minutes from one point to the other. That may not seem like it's a very fast boat, but when most boats go a maximum of 15kph you feel like you're whizzing by.

So for just a little over 5 Euros, you and your bike can make a round trip journey to the North Sea from Amsterdam. And if you're lucky, you can get front row seats with a 180 degree panoramic view.

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