Sunday, August 30, 2009

The village tourism built

The train ride up to Flam was nice, along with the train itself. And the views looking down to the valleys were spectacular; the mountains appeared to get higher after each turn. Since the demographics of the train is aimed towards tourists, the ride lasts an hour to reach it's destination 25 kilometers away. Being a scenic ride, the train also stops close to a waterfall. I mean, reach-out-and-touch-the-gushing-waters, soaked-to-the-bones-from-the-mist, watch-out-so-you-don't-get-blown-away-by-the-wind, close.

Flam, population 500, was just as beautiful as the train ride. Unfortunately, it would have been more so without the 1000 tourists congregated at the information desk and main souvenir shop. And even though I could really understand how insignificant I was compared to the vast amounts of space and majestic mountains... and knowing that the valley could hold 200x's the amount of people who were already there, it was just too crowded. But without it being the tourist trap that it is, the residents of Flam probably wouldn't live quite as comfortably as they do.
Sure it's one of the most beautiful locations I've seen in my lifetime, but if asked if I'd ever go back... I'd have to respond no. At least not until the tourists have grown tired of it's beauty and seek other destinations to explore.

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