Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We were sailing along...

It was a bitter sweet day, leaving Balestrand. Our hearts were torn, leaving a place we had taken a liking to so quickly and feeling as though there was more to explore since we had only spent two evenings there. But we also knew Norway had more to offer and we were itching to check it out. In order to do so, we spent the entire day traveling.

The first part of our day was by bus up windy streets on the mountainsides. It was on the bus when we met Hank, our hilarious Taiwanese travel buddy who kept us entertained the remainder of our day. He was fun, overly bubbly/animated, and the things that came out of his mouth would keep us laughing for hours.

The second part of our day was on a lazy boat ride, basking in the warm sunlight as water sprayed our faces from the waves that crashed against the boat. We sailed right up to a waterfall, exited the boat, and were allowed to play on the giant rock in front of the fall. It was something, we were told, that the captain didn't normally do. We had our doubts, but it was nice of them to make us think our travel group was extra special.

We were dropped off in Askvoll to wait for the boat that would take us the last leg of our trip. It happened to be one of the locations we had thought about staying one night. And how we were glad we didn't! It was a village of about 50 people, with one grocery store, one gas station and one restaurant which displayed a pamphlet full of false advertising stating: "Looking for excitement in your life? Visit Askvoll!" Whoever was contracted to write the pamphlet clearly needs to get out more.

An hour after our stay in Askvoll a high speed boat pulled up to take us on the last leg of our trip into Bergen. We pulled up to a number of ports along the way to pick people up and drop them off at various locations, some of which seemed quite remote. One of which was Rysjedalvika, a village that the agent at the tourist information desk in Oslo stated while going through our itinerary, "and I won't even try to pronounce that one." Confused, I asked "wait, where are you from?" To which he responded, with an extremely embarrassed look on his face, "from here."

By 10pm our day of travel ended. Pulling up to Bergen from the water was incredible, and the best way to end the beautiful journey.

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