Monday, December 7, 2009

The best things in life are free

I don't consider myself cheap, just highly attached to my money. It may be a genetic trait- on my dad's side.

Needless to say, my eyes always light up when I see the words "Free".  Free sample: I want one!  Free ride: let's go.  Free concert: heck yeah.  Free software download: maybe that's why my laptop is so slow lately. Free book: bring it!  Free entrance: I'll beat you there.  Win a free trip: where do I sign up?!?  Free food: WATCH OUT!

While we were walking up the Round Tower observatory, we passed by a small window that looked into the church which is attached to it. On the window was a flier for a free Bach orchestral concert at 16:30.  (That's 4:30pm for non-military time readers).  Judith and I looked at our watches, and agreed that we had plenty of time within the next 30 minutes to look at the tower and take our seats before the concert started. 30 minutes later we were seated in our own pew seconds before the first note was played.  The concert was beautiful, and the church was more so.  Each wooden pew was lined with lit candles, and a door physically separating you from the aisle, making it feel like boxed seating.
The following day, as we were walking around the winding alleys of downtown Copenhagen, I spotted a church.  Although quite plain in appearance, it drew me in... and knowing that it is free to enter most churches we decided to take a look.  I had once heard that the original Christus statue was located in Denmark.  I had forgotten as quickly as I heard it... until entering that plain looking Catholic church -- mainly because it stared me in the face from the end of the aisle way.  It's as striking as it's replicas, and the plainness of the church only enhances it's beauty.

Some of the trips I take revolve around one free event that I plan on and look forward to, and this was one such trip. Since it's dedication in 2004, I've wanted to go to the Copenhagen temple, and I had never imagined 5 years ago that I'd one day live close enough to it to take a weekend trip to satisfy that desire.
Free things truly are the best.  Especially since they allow me to save money for my next trip!  Ole!

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Krista said...

I love the opening line! I feel the same way...I'm not cheap, I just want to hang on to my money and use it how I I got almost everything for my baby used and free, but I spent $300 for a fabulous running stroller that I love!