Monday, January 25, 2010

Give my regards to Broadway

Not that I've ever been though, except in passing.  However, I had once dreamed of taking a trip up to the 'Big Apple' to do nothing more than spend every waking hour going from one show to another.  Over New Years my dream came true... with a few exceptions.

New York was replaced with the bustling city of London, Broadway was exchanged for the West End, and a never ending list of shows was cut down to 3... but only to provide time for exploration. When my friend and I decided to meet in London over the holiday the only logistics we spent hours going over was that of trying to narrow down the list of shows we wanted to see.  With the vast amount of shows available, it proved nearly impossible to to put a limit on them.

In the end we decided on three perfect shows, and felt no regret for not having time to see any others. Our first was a 4 person murder mystery/comedy called 39 Steps, which was based off of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  Les Miserable was the second of the London productions we saw, and were blown away with.  I'm not sure if it was because of the revolving stage, the songs (that I've been guilty of singing in the shower on occasion), the cast, or the storyline itself - but we were left amazed.  I'd see it over and over if I had the opportunity.  Even Wicked, which was the 3rd show we saw, paled in comparison.  (Although we tried our hardest not to compare since the two shows were completely different). Needless to say, the shows alone made the entire trip worth it.

It's funny how some dreams don't always happen in the way you would have expected - instead they turn out even better.


Kristi said...

How great! I am so glad you got to experience Broadway-London style!!! You could just be the coolest person I know. :)

Erika Kiel said...

Wicked is the BEST! I would do nearly anything to see it again! Glad you are having such a great time!

Marci said...

I saw Les Mis when I was 14 and am still amazed by it! I look forward to the day I can see it again.