Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cultural variety

It's an amazing the number of cultural differences that are found within a 285 square mile island... and we only visited half of it.   From modern amenities to triangular thatch roofed houses, basket weavers to folk dancers, farming plants to farming salmon, each region of the island had it's own unique style and personality.


gaye said...

Hi, I am Shannon Beckstrand's mom and I LOVE your blog!!! I am living life vicariously through your adventures. But what island are you talking about with this past post? somehow I missed it. Again, I love to hear of your adventures what an awesome experience you are on... good luck.

claireb said...

haha... thank you! We were on Madeira Island. It's off the coast of Portugal. And, your right... I had only mentioned the name once or twice a few posts back so it was easy to miss.