Sunday, April 25, 2010

Morocco, Morocco, Morocco!

I turn on the TV and am greeted by a program on Moroccan cousine.  I walk down the street someone just has to say "yeah, my family is from Morocco" when I'm passing them.  I glance at a poster only to find out that it too is talking about Morocco.  Enough!   I can't take the taunting!

It's bad enough the world crushed my Moroccan dream vacation by grounding all planes for 6 full days due to the ash, but does it really have to keep rubbing it in??


Krista said...

Are you able to reschedule your trip or is it a total bust?

ReL said...

AWWWW! Well I hope you can reschedule and go later girl!

claireb said...

Unfortunately it's a bust... until next year (I hope).