Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Sosian Birthday

Tea time was every day at 4pm.  Before we even arrived at the veranda, where tea was served, the table would be full of cups, plates, warm tea, and cake - a different cake each day, to be precise.  The day of my birthday, however, was different.

The plates were out, the cups were out, the tea was out... but there was no cake to be found.  I knew something was going on.  Annabell, the manager, was rushing around, whispering to one employee or another.  I thought, "Oh cute.  They're going to light candles on the cake for me.

Boy did I underestimate the extent of my cake surprise!


ReL said...

Was the second cake a real cake? lol I hope it tasted better than Elephant dung :-)

Beckstrand's said...

Seeing this makes me miss Kenya. I haven't heard Jambo Jambo in such a long time! Thanks for posting this and happy belated birthday. It lookes like you had had an amazing experience.