Sunday, November 21, 2010

in search of paradise

My safari only lasted 6 days, but I wasn't about to fly all the way to Africa to spend less than a week there.  I had to come up with another activity.  Being alone, however, limited my options since I tried to keep safety in mind.  I wanted nothing more than to spend a few relaxing days basking in the sun on a white sandy beach off the Indian Ocean. 

I limited my limited options even more by only allotting a small budget on that relaxation.  I very well could have payed another thousand-plus dollars on a nice resort on the Kenyan coast and been quite content, I'm sure.  But since living in Holland has emphasized my penny pinching nature, I couldn't justify spending yet another thousand on top of the other thousands I spent the first 6 days there.

Sadly, that threw what limited options I had out the window.  From what I had researched, I couldn't find a place on the coast that I would feel comfortable wandering alone in with the budget I had.  But it was during that research that I discovered Zanzibar.  It looked like the perfect place: small, cheap, safe, and even has a budget friendly hotel which is run by a Dutch woman.  It had to be fate, and I couldn't pass it up.

Little did I realize though, the island was completely different than I had anticipated.


Jennifer Long said...

How long were you in Africa? By the way, I have been totally entertained by your trip so far!

claireb said...

I was only there for 12 days, but I've managed to draw it out long enough to relive it for months now. :)