Sunday, August 21, 2011

When life gives you lemons...

A little over a year ago, my mom and sister sailed the Greek Isles... without me. (cue the gasps of horror) OH THE OUTRAGE!

Why didn't I go, you ask?  Well, I was being a good cousin, niece, sister, aunt, daughter, friend and went back home for two weeks.

Why did they have to go during those exact two weeks?  Besides the fact that it is a cruel, cruel world and I am clearly deprived,... it was the only week the sailboat had two open spots left, for the rest of the summer.

I'm sticking with the self-pity, obviously the world is against me, story though.

Now, fast forward a year.  I was faced with a 4 day weekend and a desire to be anywhere but home. I mulled over a few options, unsure of which I'd choose, when it struck me - like a brunt force to the back of my head.  Greece!  I could go sailing in Greece.

After receiving the contact information from my mother, I emailed Tim, the skipper, to see if he had any availability.  To my delight I was informed he did, in fact, have one spot left on his boat.  However, the boat would not be sailing anywhere near the Greek Isles this year.  Instead, I was informed the boat would only sail from Sardinia to Corsica and back.

I let out a sigh of resignation, and boarded a plane to Sardinia.

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Chad & Bonny Day said...

Oh, you poor, poor girl ;)