Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long dark days of Amsterdam

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My first winter here was the coldest in 12 years.
My second winter here was the longest in 30 years.
My third winter here produced the most snow in who knows how many years.
This past July was the rainiest on record.
Yesterday, September 3rd was the 7th day of summer... meteorologically.
Rumor has it, this upcoming winter will be the worst yet.  Oh joy.
And I... I am not a cold weather person.

Someone, please remind me why I live here.


Krista said...

you live there, so you can travel everywhere else....I was a little depressed about our summer, but your's sounds even worse...i didn't think it was even possible!

The funny thing is that the one time I was in Amsterdam they were having record breaking heat wave! It was awful and no one had AC because it is normally so cool in the summer.

jme said...

Call me crazy, but that weather sounds good to me! I hate the heat and this summer has been pretty bad. I welcome the hurricanes for the rain. Keep up the blogging. I'm getting some excellent ideas for where I want to go next (as soon as I have a job, of course.)

Chad & Bonny Day said...

Why do you live there? ...Really?