Thursday, October 6, 2011

population 270,000

Legend has it, Jason, the Greek hero, slew a dragon where present day Ljubljana now resides. So it is said, there were many dragons in the Slavic region in those days - most of which were not in the least bit friendly. Today, however, four dragons sit atop a bridge as protectors of the city.  Ljubljana couldn't be in safer hands.

The capital city is the smallest I may have ever visited. But that might be due to the outdoorsy Slovenian mentality, and their desire to be as close as they can to nature.  The city itself is surrounded by mulitple parks. The old town is pedestrian only, with an occasional bike, and it provides the most charming atmosphere with its outdoor cafes lining the river Ljubljanica. Even its supermarkets were the most visually appealing places.  The store wall shelving was made from mahogany wood, the doors were painted with a rich color of red, and the whole feel was reminiscent of a late 1800's general store, with a shop employee standing behind a counter ready to wrap up whatever you request.

On summer evenings, the air is filled with the music. You can easily spend hours walking from one street to the other in persuit of the best band, which is no easy feat. And eating a deliciously massive ice cream cone, from a botique parlor called Cacao, makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

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