Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday rituals

Every Saturday is the same... or, at least I'd like them to be. I wake up at a decent hour (10:00-10:30), and spend a leisurely morning slowly moving myself from my bed to my sofa and turn on my laptop in order to check my email for stored breakfast recipes.  After deciding what to make, because weekends call for so much more than oatmeal or cold cereal, I head to the kitchen to start baking.  Breakfast is usually ready around 11:00, and once I've devoured all my stomach can handle, I start thinking about motivating myself enough to get ready for the day. On good days, that means I'm out the door by 12:15... on blissfully lazy days, it's more around the 1 o'clock hour - because if it's any later than that I start to feel guilty. You know, the type of guilt which is produced from your mother's voice in your head exclaiming "you've just wasted half your day!"

But it's where I head to first which sets my day off right.  It doesn't matter if I woke up earlier or later than normal, if breakfast was good or not, or if any fiasco occurred around the house that morning - once I head to the Westermarkt.  Because, even in the winter, it is that great.

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Donna Bardsley said...

Ooh, can I go with you sometime? I've been wanting to go to Westermarkt for a while. It looks so fun.