Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reflecting the future

Santorini is an island that thrives on tourism. It makes sense though, since the white washed walls and blue shuttered buildings make it as picturesque a local as any can find. But, seeing as though the island makes nearly all its revenue off tourists, the tenants do all they can to ensure their guests have a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Which is why, when I was left stranded at the (tiny, three gate) airport upon my arrival, I became the talk of the island. The only two people left to keep me company was a lady collecting carts and a kindly, extremely helpful, rental car representative.

When the (previously paid for and quite expensive) hotel transport finally arrived, after a number of phone calls, I was not the happiest of persons. Yet, I smiled and spoke sweetly through gritted teeth to the driver and hotel owners. And then I walked down the white-washed stairs to my traditional cave-room overlooking the sea, when an Australian man stopped me to say he had seen me on the plane. Confused, I asked, "Wait... what? If we were on the same plane, then... um... how did you get here?" "Oh... the hotel taxi," came his response.

I should have figured my first taste of Santorini was just a prototype of things to come.

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Donna Bardsley said...

Ahh, but how cute is that hotel room? :)