Wednesday, June 13, 2012

life in captivity

My flight was canceled. I realized it was better that way, but I wasn't happy. I no longer wanted to be in Santorini. Or, rather, I didn't want to be held prisoner - not on an island unable to be enjoyed, and especially not in my white and blue apartment. A white and blue apartment that had a TV that showed more static than image and wireless internet which, in the 90-130 mile an hour winds, provided a signal for thirty seconds out of every ten minute stretch. Granted, I had a book. A good one at that. But the moment I had a lasting signal on my iPod, I did what any 30-something year old girl on the verge of insanity would do: I Skyped my mom. I'd like to say her words consoled me, but hearing: "Oh, Claire, get over it. You're on a paradise island for heaven's sake," just left me feeling defensive. Then, right after that statement, she turned her laptop towards the television. "Here, what do you want to watch," she asked. For the next hour, on my little iPod Touch in a blue and white apartment off the cliffs of Santorini, I watched American late night talk shows on my mother's TV, via her laptop, in Germany.  That is true love. (Plus... shout out to modern day technology! Whoop, whoop!)

The following day, with the winds calmed a small degree, I added another check-mark to my list. I walked one of the island's black beaches.

It must be said, though, I was giddy with excitement to reach the airport for my flight that evening. Excitement which waned each hour as flight representatives announced yet another delay in the departure time.

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ReL said...

That's very sweet! Awesome mom!