Monday, September 10, 2012


For 3 days we made the small, 5600 person strong, village of Stara Moravica, Serbia home.

My mother's immediate response to our surroundings was as follows: "Then we went to a little farmhouse in the back of no where (Claire chose it).  Nothing but flat farmed fields all around us, in a run down village.  I wanted to turn around and head back to civilization (or at least to somewhere with horses, hills and people in traditional dress)."

Indeed the village wasn't what I had been expecting either, based off what I had researched. But it wasn't that bad. And my mothers initial response turned to praise... after my attempts of over-enthusiasm due to the skeptical look she gave me when we arrived, and the warmth of the locals. 

And I quote: "However we really ended up enjoying ourselves.  We bought honey from the local bee keeper, bought freshly baked bread from the woman next door with the stone oven, walked around town, had some neighbor women come over to help us adjust.  Had dinner cooked and brought in, visited a cute Art Nouveau town approx 20 minutes away, then had 2 of the local police officers over for dinner (one was hitting on Claire and brought his friend along for moral support). It turned out to be a really nice vacation."

*quotes were pulled from an email my mother wrote to my brother, which I found after hacking into her account. Like she said during our most recent visit together, "we share no email secrets." To which I corrected her and stated, "no, you share no email secrets."  My password is secure.