Friday, November 16, 2012

How ice cream is served in Istanbul (not Constantinople)

Because the craving got so bad I flew all the way to Turkey just for a few scoops... and a show.

(Turkish ice cream is different from any other. Along with milk and sugar, it has two other natural ingredients to provide a chewy and thick consistency. It is, in two words, incredibly delicious. And absolutely worth the flight to get it.)


Donna Bardsley said...

That's it- I must have some now!
(Love the look of pure annoyance on your face.)
(Also, love that song too. And TMBG.)

Amy said...

Do you have to tip extra for that kind of show or is that just what is expected in the price of the cone?

Totally curious. BTW - I'm going to be in New Zealand for a few should come visit!

claireb said...

Normally they do a smaller version of this, just as a part of the experience. But I had a tag-along buddy who was friends with the ice cream scooper who told him to give me a show. I paid no tip... but I'm not sure if the price I paid included one or not. He just told me how much I should give him. It wasn't too much though.

And you'd best believe I'm going to come a-knocking on your door. I won't pass up a Kiwi opportunity like that!

claireb said...

And Donna, you really must make a trip out to Turkey, for nothing more than the ice cream, and I'm sure you'll be content!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

How fun!! What are the other two ingredients?

claireb said...

One is called Salep. It's a powder from orchid roots, and super delicious. The other is mastic, which is plant resin.