Friday, January 11, 2013

pocket sized

There aren't many countries in the world where spending a solid 24 hours visiting is being generous. (Then again, I'm sure if I had gone into the countryside, I could have stretched it out to 48 hours).

That said, Luxembourg wins the prize for the only capital city to have tourist information representatives suggests shopping as the number one item on the to do list.

Scandinavian tradition of letting your child nap outside extends as far south as Luxembourg

Upon entering, my friend mumbles that cathedrals like this feel creepy to her.  Unable to understand, because I think they're beautiful, I asked why.  She replied, pointing to a statue, 'well... that is one example'.  (see below)


Patti said...

Ah! Someone doesn't know her martyr stories. I've never seen statuary with arrows though, but plenty of paintings. I'm with you - I think the European sanctuaries are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Wow,, so beautiful pictures...