Tuesday, April 30, 2013

hopping on and hopping off along the Garden Route

There are few things that can be done in a short 2.5 week visit to South Africa. But I knew traveling the Garden Route had to be one of them. That brought out the following questions and concerns:

1. How will I travel it?
2. How much would renting a car (plus gas) cost?
3. Is driving in South Africa as a single female even safe, after all the horror stories I had heard?
4. Would taking a public bus be any better?

Then a former colleague told me about the backpacker's bus, which solved everything. The caveat being they only picked up and dropped off at backpacker hostels in each city. But I was willing (for the most part) to sacrifice my sleep in a dorm room with snorers as long as I didn't have to stress about logistics.

It was the amazing locations I was able to see made it all worth it.

Port Elizabeth

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Patti said...

Indeed it was!