Sunday, May 19, 2013

an extended layover way of life

Never had I imagined not being able to answer the question, "Where do you live?"

I don't have a home. 

No home. A phrase that is strange to wrap my head around.  I had always joked about being a gypsy, but the only thing that separates me from being a real one now (aside from the bloodline) is that I haven't begged for money. At least... not yet.  

I'm American, yes. In general it is home. Picking a state, on the other hand, is impossible. Especially since I haven't lived in the country for 5 years. Amsterdam is home, yes. At least a part of it always will be. Although it's not somewhere I'll be returning to any time soon.

I don't have a home.

Instead I have places to rest my head. And a base in Germany (aka. my mother's home) that I use as an extended layover rest stop.

Case in point:

Fight out of Johannesburg: April 25th, 22:30hrs. 
Flight arrival in Frankfurt: April 26th, 16:30hrs. 
-- layover --
Night train to Zagreb: April 28th, 20:00hrs. 


Patti said...

I was a little confused when I saw a port in Zagreb so I Googled it. Ah! There's a river. Confusion gone. Very beautiful too I might add (totally ignoring your lack of a home theme).

claireb said...

Well, actually Patti, your confusion was valid. That photo isn't from Zagreb... . That city isn't so photogenic (a kind way of saying not very nice). So I posted a shot from Split, since Zagreb was only my starting off point to explore a large portion of Croatia.

ReL said...

Oh I just love that you're like a gypsy! It's so fun to see all the amazing places you get to go! I wish I had more of a nomadic life...I guess I'm just more the type who picks a place and nests. I should have finished my degree in Archaeology and traveled the world digging up history LOL.