Sunday, June 9, 2013

déjà vu

The first time I went to Paris, about 5 years ago, we rushed to as many touristic sites as possible in a two day timeframe. (A common occurrence when traveling with my mother). Suffice it to say, the experience wasn't the most enjoyable and I left thinking the city was only OK at best.

But I've recently come to discover, with a three week stint in the city, that Paris is like a fine piece of chocolate. (An analogy I'll use since I don't drink wine... besides, chocolate is amazing). To experience the rich flavor, in all its spectrums, it must be slowly savored and not downed in one bite. Because through savoring it, the city jumps from mediocre to magical.

Staying with friends in their amazing apartment near the Arc de Triomphe doesn't hurt either.

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Patti said...

Tres manifique! (or however it's spelled.)