Friday, December 6, 2013

day trippin'

Ubud is the prime location to start any excursion.

One of the most popular being a bicycling tour around the island. Not to feel left out, I joined in with the EcoCycling tour.

A van picks you up and deposits you at the top of the Batupuk volcano for breakfast with a view. The last big eruption occurred in the 1960's. The last small one was in the year 2000. "The next eruption is scheduled for 12 o'clock," one person chimed in.

Two years ago, the lake in the caldera got so hot due to volcanic activity that all the fish were boiled to death. Our guide went on to quip, "it was good for the locals near the lake though, because their food was cooked for them!"

Not too far away from the volcano is a local tribe that lay their dead at the base of a tree, covered with banana leaves while they wait for the body to become only bones. It takes about five years, and then they use the bones to make furniture. "Weirdest reincarnation ever," someone piped in. "You never know what you'll return as. A chair, a table...".

Hopping on bikes after breakfast, you ride alongside rice patties as far as the eye can see. Bali used to harvest enough rice to export. Tourism has destroyed that. There are now hotels in rice fields, causing production to lower. Today there is just enough rice for the island. Thankfully, as of two years ago, the government has stopped all construction allowances on the rice fields. The only individuals able to continue making the fields their home are ducks. It's a genius ecosystem. Ducks eat the fallen grains of rice, or ones left over after harvest. They, in turn, fertilize the soil. Then, once plump, are considered ready to eat. Everyone's left happy.

Another prime excursion is a culinary course with Paon Bali. First taking you to the farmers market to sample fresh produce, you're brought to a beautiful family compound and offered the most refreshing lime juice upon arrival.  For the following few hours you're set about preparing and cooking various meals, catered to food allergies and preferences. As the reward, you eat the most incredible Indonesian food you'll have throughout your entire journey in the country.

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wow tampak lezat makanannya..
indonesian food is greats