Thursday, January 30, 2014


Tokyo was everything I never expected it to be, and nothing short of amazing.

Streets are clean enough to eat off of.

Second story walkways in the sky connect individuals from one building to the next, allowing them to avoid crosswalks all together. And that high up in the air, weaving around giant building after giant building the city looks like an iconic concrete jungle.

The homeless cherish cleanliness and organization as much as the next guy. Building walls of cardboard, they create themselves a nice shelter fully equipped with a bed, functioning kitchen, and desktop to write letters on.

Malls are multiple stories high. Some exceeding 15 floors. The basement houses a mecca of all things food. From Dean & DeLuca and The City Bakery cafes to market styled counters. It is everything you never knew you wanted.

And there are enough parks sprawled around the city that greenery is never left wanting.

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Patti said...

My brother loves Tokyo, and now I know more reasons why.