Thursday, April 17, 2014

what's not stated in outdated guide books

Upon our parting in Indonesia, Esther and I agreed to a second travel venture at a later date. In Myanmar.

A number of months and a few countries later, we reunited in a questionable, $15.00 a night room in Yangon (formerly Rangoon) which she secured for us subsequent her early arrival.

My flight was a few hours behind, giving Esther enough time to orientate herself in the city, and give me words of advice during my layover in Bangkok.

"You can change money at the airport, it's a good rate," she wrote.

Formerly, anything besides illegal street transactions would leave you cheated out of a significant amount of cash. Today, the opposite rings true. Banks and the airport are your best options.

Then there were tips on taxi sharing. "Its a 45 minute ride into the city," she explained.

"Alright," I responded. "I should arrive around 6pm then."

Little did I realize peak traffic would more than double my travel time.

"Cool. I'll tell the front desk your name. Should be back before you arrive, but I'm going to the market to buy a Burmese sarong. I feel like a ho in my shorts here."

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Patti said...

Travel note to self: have other person I'm meeting somewhere arrive first to pave the way for my arrival. I like it.