Friday, July 25, 2014

what a difference a border makes...

During our 28 day stay, the Burmese way of life - what little we were exposed to - didn't feel taxing. Amid the limited resources (it was sheer elation when we stumbled across a pack of Saltine Crackers)  we were never left wanting. And life didn't feel Third World.

Until we returned to Bangkok.

The modern Sky Trains, the reflective windowed high-rises, towering billboards, expansive freeways,  and 21st Century metropolitan feel was a contrast that hit us with such force, our bodies were drained by what we left behind. Then again, the exhaustion could have come from the 12 hour bus ride up to the Yangon airport where we spent more countless hours waiting for our flight to neighboring Thailand to depart. 

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Patti said...

I love this picture. It makes me smile. More of us should feel as if we were never left wanting while living with less than we usually have.