Sunday, May 18, 2008

Strategic location

Since I've been here for over two months, I think it's high time I write about where I work. After all, it is the whole reason I'm living here.

The building I work in is quite nice. Thanks to all the windows and skylights, it's flooded with light and makes the outdoors look even more inviting. Although, it's only fooling your senses into thinking it's warm outside, when in reality it's bitter cold. (Well, except for last week when it was in the 70's). The guys I work with are extremely nice. I get 5 weeks of vacation plus every national holiday. Needless to say, I am quite content.

So now we've finished with the preliminaries, let's move on to where my work is located. Now, one could think that Verizon found a free spot of land in an area that isn't very expensive, which is why they built where they did. However, I like to think that the building is strategically located, right smack dab in the middle of the crazies for a reason.

You see, directly behind us we have the psych ward to the penitentiary which is located across the street from us. The prison is actually behind some container houses where students live. Now, I personally wouldn't want to be next door neighbors with criminal masterminds... but hey, to each their own. The farther down the street you go, the prison is more visible to the street, since there is nothing blocking its view. It's sometimes amusing walking past it, as you see a message in one of the windows stating "lonely guy looking for love." Or the occasional cat call (by women walking down the street) to whomever may be near the window listening.

However, that is not all my friends. Oh no. For the finishing touch we have our very own Hell's Angels Headquarters just down the road. Yes, I can't help but think... strategic location, because everyone in IT has a little bit of "crazy" within them.


Danielle said...

That may have been my favorite post since you have been out there. Okay no it is second. Nothing will be able to beat your test driving your bike. That just plain and simple made me laugh out loud.

Shannon said...

Wow Claire, I thought I worked near the crazies, I currently work on the Doreatha Dix, yes it is the pyshc hospital/prison in an old house that was built in the '70's and full of lead paint. I won't begain to tell you who my neighbor is, it is not appropriate to post as public information. Yours beat me by a lot, at least I don't have people cat calling out the windows!!
I love reading your blog, it's so fun to see all the great places you get to go.

ReL said...

That's intense.