Sunday, May 4, 2008

Botanist's idea of heaven?

Thursday I had the day off of work and went to Keukenhof gardens. Who knew a flower park could be so neat? I got a free ride nearly the whole way there and back on public transport, because they didn't have any change/tickets. Can't beat that.

I took about 80 pictures. I know, I know... you're thinking "holy cow, 80 pictures of flowers?" But in my defense I can say that there were millions upon millions of varieties and arrangements. So in actuality, 80 is hardly any at all.
I spent hours meandering down one path and up another as the smells of tulips and other flowers drifted past me in the breeze. I gazed over the small partition fence to see rows of tulips creating a rainbow of colors as you looked across the field.
I also found the infamous black tulips my Grandma had once told me about. So Grandma, here's a picture of them... just for you!I had a great time watching the daughters roll their eyes as their dad's had them pose for the upteenmillionth time to take yet another picture in front of yet another set of flowers. As I reached the gates once again, I took one last look around me and then headed out. That's when I discovered I was on the completely opposite side of the park at the North entrance. I had to go back down to the South entrance to get on my bus. The park was enormous. As I was walking back down to the correct exit I wondered if I'd ever make it out alive. It was like I was in a labyrinth of flowers, doomed to wander around forever, never knowing that freedom is only a few feet away. Hope was in sight though, and couldn't have come at a better time. It started to rain. As some people ran for cover under the pavilions (named for the past and current Queen), I embarrassingly pulled out my semi-functional, lop-sided umbrella and headed for the gates. (I bought a new umbrella on Saturday). By the time I got under the over hang while waiting for the bus to arrive, the rain turned into hail. It was perfect timing for me,... but not for the cars that were pulling into the parking lot.


ReL said...

WOW, those black tulips are absolutely fabulous!

Danielle said...

I absolutly LOVE the black tulips!!!They are so gorgeous, as are the rows of flowers. What a image!


Thats something I could totally enjoy.