Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today is Queen's Day... a day of major celebration. What a celebration it was! I really haven't seen anything like it. Not only is the entire country covered in orange, but I think it's safe to say that it's the day of the world's largest flea market. Granted I only saw what was in Amsterdam, but if that was any indication of the flea market around the country... 'wow' is the only word that can accurately describe it all. Not only are there flea markets in Amsterdam, but at Museumplein (where there is a large grassy area) they throw a HUGE party. Music, music, and more music. All you can see around you is a sea of people. Thankfully I'm not claustrophobic.
For the kids and kids at heart, Vondel park is the place to go. It was so cute seeing little children trying to sell things, and perform for money. And some were incredibly talented. The boats in the canals were plentiful. And Brazil shone it's colors today too. I'm constantly amazed at how many Brazilians there are here.
A friend asked me today if the 4th of July is anything like this... it doesn't come anywhere close. They even had fireworks too. I love my home country... and I love Independence Day... but when it comes to parties, Holland really knows their stuff. I wanted to share my experience in more than just pictures, so I've put together a compilation of video clips. Parts are from my morning outing, when it wasn't as crowded, and parts are from my afternoon outing where it took 10 mins to walk five feet.


Ader Family said...

That looks like so much fun.
You are AMAZING, Claire!!

ReL said...

I've noticed that most other countries celebrate things in a much bigger way than the US... it's sad really because we have the potential to have some SERIOUSLY awesome 4th of July extravaganza's! Looks like you had fun though and thanks for sharing the video, it was really neat to see.


Thats awesome!!!