Monday, April 14, 2008

Why I'm gaining weight... and will continue to do so.

There's really no need to say more. That picture just about sums it up better than words ever could. I am definitely in my element here. You think life can't get any better than a Belgian waffle drenched in chocolate at your new favorite chocolate shop "Australian Homemade"... but it does. The very next week you find a Ben and Jerry's and they not only serve a Belgian waffle drenched in chocolate, but they add ice cream too! Talk about a divine experience.

I found the one American grocery store there is here, where they sell rare commodities at astronomical prices. Take a simple can of pumpkin puree for example... it costs 5 Euros, or a box of pop tarts which is 6 Euros. My favorite however, was a box of Duncan Hines brownie mix for 7.50 Euros. I'll pass thank you. I'm sure I'll survive just fine without them, especially with the local cuisine.


Koleka said...

another reason why i need to visit you!!

ReL said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That looks so tasty! I may have to attempt my own version of that ...mmmm waffles and ice cream.


OKAY that seals the deal I need to make my way out there....stat!!!