Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nightly strolls...

Last week I decided to make a nightly tradition of getting to know where I live. Since then, I've found myself astounded at how close I am to absolutely EVERYTHING. I'm continually amazed at how absolutely beautiful... or better yet, breath-taking this city is. Pictures don't give it justice... but I'll show some anyway.

(The buildings are actually leaning)

On Monday I decided to walk through the Jordaan (the oldest part of Amsterdam), since I live right across the canal from it. 15 minutes into my walk, as I was meandering down a street, I looked down a side alleyway, at the far end and across the canal, I saw a huge sign saying "Sex Shop" in large red letters. I thought, 'oh.. whoa... I didn't know the Jordaan was that liberal'. However 2 seconds later (as I had continued down the street) I had found myself smack dab in the center of Amsterdam. I wasn't in the Jordaan like I had thought (although I did start out there). Again, I'm amazed at how close I am to everything.

That same night I saw someone steal a bike. ....AND now I can now check that off my list of accomplishments.


ReL said...

Hmm...Witness a bike being stolen, CHECK! lol that's pretty funny there.

Danielle said...

The photos are gorgeous! Now I really can't wait to come visit you! And now you know where you can go if you ever lose your job! JK! Now did you really witness the bike get stolen or did you take it yourself.....come on tell the truth!!!