Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can man live on Chinese takeout alone?

Well, if the Chinese is from Amsterdam, I'm sure that's quite possible! Man, it's delicious! After discussing the reason for it's "delicious-ness" with a few other people, we have determined it could be due to the fact that there is a large Indonesian influence here in the cooking process. Personally, I don't really care how they make it so tasty... just as long as there's a restaurant nearby-- which there is.

Honestly, it's the best Chinese I've ever tasted, and I'd be quite content to eat nothing else for the rest of my life. But for those who think "What about variety being the spice of life?" Well... then, I'd say, "alright, I'll substitute one meal a day for an egg salad sandwich on a Kaiser roll". Egg salad is another highly popular thing here, found in grocery stores and cafeterias everywhere. And I might add, quite good too!

I moved into my apartment yesterday. It was very exciting moment in history for me. The silence was deafening for a split second as I stood in the living room all alone. But then I took a good look around and saw how dirty the place actually was... (I didn't notice before with the haze of exuberance I had in finding the place)... and I got to work. I was cleaning and running errands all afternoon and evening. I sat down twice last night. Once when I was waiting for my Chinese to be made, and then when I was eating it. Needless to say, I was grateful for the moment when I placed my head on my pillow after the 9 hours of being busy. However, while laying there, my mind kept racing as I thought about all the things I STILL need to do. At this moment I have the kitchen cleaned (for the most part) along with the bathroom. Once those are completely finished, I'll tackle my bedroom and move on to the living room last. (I'm just talking about cleaning now, not settling in). The apartment was owned by a bachelor, and he hasn't lived here for a few months, so there's a LOT of work to do. Meaning: I'll be eating Chinese for a couple days at least... it's quick, it's easy, and I still have a TON of left overs.


ReL said...

I always love good Chinese food, and it's so hard to find around here. And I know just how much work you've got to do because my first apartment was inhabited by two bachelors and as people they were quite lovely but aparently they were very filthy at home. It's gross and not much fun but there's a certain sense of accomplishment when it's all done. Have fun!

Jamie said...

So this entry made me laugh. Every time I've been to Europe, we find a Chinese restaraunt. It's become a tradition, we plan it into our itinerary when we plan our trip..."And on Thursday we'll go out for Chinese." It's always good. My favorite one was in Prague because we were the only ones there (it was near closing) so they gave us the central table in an absolutely gorgeously decorated restaraunt. It was a lot of fun. I'm glad you found a place, too. Good luck cleaning it!

Marci said...

I am really glad you found a place to stay, I know what it can be like without a home to call your own. As far as painting goes, you for sure need to keep the wall behind the bed that lovely shade of bright pink ;) How much fun, I hope the cleaning doesn't remind you of helping Danny and me clean when we moved out of Linden!

Kevan said...

CLAIRE!!!! I love it. I am so happy for you! I know that they are not exactly the same but hearing your stories and seeing your pictures makes me miss Italy soooo much. Europe is so cool. I am so jealous of you. The differences in cultures do take some getting used to though. We really miss you so much. We are saving up for a trip to Europe so I'll let you know. Take care of yourself and be safe. (BTW our blog is