Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My first house guests

On Friday I met up with friends, Lauren and Dan, who are backpacking across Europe, and was able to give them the grand tour of Amsterdam. Well, as much of a tour as a few evening hours allow.

First stop was to get a Belgian waffle with ice cream on top... seriously is the best creation ever. *And when you come to visit me, you too will have the blessed opportunity of eating one.*

After dropping their backpacks off at my place, we went over to the Anne Frank house. It closes at 9pm, but since we arrived at 8, I was sure an hour would be plenty of time. I realized I was wrong, however, when they started shuffling us out the door at closing time. Fortunately we were pretty much done looking around, we just missed out on the gift shop. So, for those of you planning on touring the Anne Frank house, set aside an hour and 15 mins to go through, just in case.

We then made our way over to the Dam (Amsterdam center square), and to our delight found a carnival set up there. Surrounded by hundred of years old buildings were ferris wheels,
bungee jumping rides, and the such.

After absorbing the sites, we were off to eat dinner true European style at 10pm. Of course I took them to get Chinese, but unfortunately we went to a restaurant I've never gone to before, and it really wasn't very good. I took a mental note to not go there again.

They left bright and early in the morning to make their way over to their next destination, and I was left to run a million and one errands. One being, buy my bike. Oh, how I love it!


Angelfish said...

So JEALOUS!! I'm glad you got to see Laur and Dan! Next time I will definitely be there with them!

jkribbit said...

Hooray for friends in foreign countries! I'm so glad they got to hook up with you - and thanks for posting a picture of them! Oh, how I miss them!! Their email to us said that they had a great time with you - so Thanks!!!