Monday, August 11, 2008

Due to my big mouth.

Last Friday my co-workers introduced me to the NSD Powerball. It is a "tennis ball sized sphere containing a computer balanced flywheel which can revolve freely inside" that helps with wrist, arm and shoulder strength. (Quote was taken from its website, because... after sitting here for 5 minutes, I still couldn’t put into words how it works).
There is also a speedometer built into the contraption which allows one to see how fast the rpm is. My co-worker, Olof, came to my desk, set the powerball down, and challenged me to beat his score of 10, 688 rpm. Having never picked the thing up, my score was quite pitiful at first.
THEN… after playing with it for a few minutes I started getting better. I opened my big mouth and said that not only would I beat his score, but I have no doubt that I’ll get a score of 12,000 rpm before I leave for vacation. When he called it a bet, I quickly knocked the score down to 10,000 rpm. I may have a big mouth, but I do need to be realistic when it comes to who’s buying whom lunch.
So far my highest score has been 8,640. Not a far cry from my mark, but not good enough either. Thankfully I have until Thursday, and I’m able to practice at home because the top 100 female scores posted on the website is between 13,000 – 10,400. Whether or not I win the bet though, my arm muscles are getting much stronger, which is good for packing a mean punch… if the need arises.


ReL said...

This is going to be one interesting challenge. I hope you keep us posted on your progress.

Dan and Amanda said...

I'm glad you are enjoying work. ;)

And totally keep us posted!

Brigitte Castillo said...

I have got to get one of those for my husband! He is a computer programmer and loves stuff like that! Where can I get one?!?