Friday, August 8, 2008

Gay Pride Parade

My Saturday really was quite productive, as this is my 3rd post dedicated to that one day.

Even after all the conversations I heard about it, I forgot it was Gay Pride day until I was heading out on my bike ride (see previous post). People were starting to line the canals for the parade and home owners were decorating their homes with rainbow colored steamers and pink balloons. I could already sense the excitement in the air. I felt torn at that moment... as music was coming from a canal boat with people laughing and gearing up. Should I continue on with my bike ride and miss all the music, dancing, and intense energy?? It was a difficult moment, but I decided to continue on. You never know when the next time will be when there’s perfect weather on a Saturday to go bike riding... especially here. About two minutes later, when I second guessed my decision, I assured myself that I'd see it next year.
In the end all the second guessing wasn't necessary, because I came back to the city just in time to see the beginning of the parade. Music was blasting and people were dancing from one boat to the next. And there was absolutely no room to move on the streets due to the sea of people.

So I spent my time walking my bike down the road, trying not to run over feet, and trying to see above the many heads to watch the parade of boats from the canal down below.

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