Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For weeks now stands have been popping up all over the country tempting passers by with the most alluring smells. And until my sister came to town, I exercised the most amazing willpower I never knew I had, and resisted my desire to try a Dutch renowned oliebollen.

It is tradition here to eat oliebollen on the 31st and New Years day. But the Dutch, being the genius people that they are, decided there's no reason to limit yourself to only 2 days a year of savoring the delicious dessert. So, not only do they provide weeks worth of opportunites to eat them, they also provide limitless varieties... although original and raisin filled (no thank you) are the most popular. Ava and I decided not to follow the option of the masses, and shared the most delicious (and warm) apple filled oliebollen.

So, while the rest of you bring in the New Year by watching the ball drop, or setting off fireworks, I will be stuffing my face with balls of fried dough drenched in powdered sugar. Yum.

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ReL said...

Man I need to seriously look into foreign travel...if only for the food!