Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sinterklaas poems

Since my poem really wasn't anonymous at work, I've decided to share it with the blog-o-sphere. Children write poems to Sinterklaas when they're young. Adults write the poems as if they're letters written by Sinterklaas. The colleague of mine who pulled my name wrote the poem in English as well. It wasn't hard to figure out who it was, since out of everyone, he knows the least amout of English. Poor guy had no luck this year.

Poem written by me:


Sinterklaas was trying to find his way through a cloud of smoke...unable to see where he was going, he ran into a bloke.
"Hello, my name is Willem" said the deep voiced man,"Where is it you're headed?" he asked, "I'll help you if I can."
"I was heading to your house," Sinterklaas said with a smile.
Although trying to be polite, he was coughing all the while.
"Funny thing is," said Sinterklaas, "a while ago I could see.""But around here it's all cloudy,... now, how could that be?"
Willem answered: "Oh, it's just my cigarette,no need to dispair --
Actually, if you would like one, I have more right over there."
"No, no," replied Sinterklaas, "they're not good for me.
--But,since you have one extra, you can give it to Zwarte Piet."

- Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

Poem written to me, with a picture to boot!

Piep, Piep,.......

There is a mouse in the house of Claire.
Even he is thick or fast, Claire will catch him at last.


-- stay tuned for the story behind that poem.

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