Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have an alarm clock for a reason.

Fact: construction workers are permitted to use a sledge hammer from 7am-10pm in residential areas.
Fact: the construction workers in my area are morning people, I am not.
Fact: I have not woken up happy in the past two days.

Another fact: the floor boards above my bedroom squeak when my upstairs neighbors walk on it.
Another fact: they too are morning people and tend to congregate in the kitchen which is located right above my bed.
Another fact: again, I have not woken up happy in the past few days, but not due to them-- because I can easily fall back asleep after waking from the sound of squeaking floor boards.

Final fact: I hate sledge hammers and those who use them before my alarm goes off.


Ader Family said...

I am most definitely not a morning person either. I am sorry for the sledge hammer guys - but at least it's only going to be temporary work, right?? :-)

Rochelle said...

A couple of months ago some guys started replacing our roof at 7 AM. One of the guys even climbed onto our porch to move our plants and started knocking at me through the sliding glass door! (I was on the couch reading in my PJs). I was VERY grumpsty that morning to say the least!! Could they not use the front door if they had something to say? I ended up cutting my reading short and going into the lab early. So I know how you feel! At least one day you can hope they will fix what needs fixing and you will have your mornings back.