Thursday, February 26, 2009

Road rage - bicycle style

In efforts to reduce the amount of curses brought upon the heads of unsuspected tourists by frustrated bicyclists, I've decided to give a three part course on Amsterdam road etiquette. I've often heard tourists say "bicyclists here are craaaaazy!" I used to think the same thing... when I first arrived. Now that I, myself, am an avid city biker, I no longer agree. We're just trying to get where we're going as quickly and safely as possible. Due to construction and traffic, bikers already have to anticipate various maneuvers to make in order to achieve their desire of arriving to their destination on time. Their "craaaaziness" and frustration stem from the sudden movements of a disoriented tourist.

Objective: The three brief courses are aimed at creating a greater awareness to the tourist who wanders the streets of Amsterdam by foot and by bike. Thus bringing peace to the world... or at least this tiny part of it.

You will learn basic rules of the road such as:
  • road signs and round-abouts
  • sidewalk vs. bike path
  • who has the right of way
  • which direction you're supposed to be going in according to which side of the street you're on - most specifically for the British tourist
  • tram tracks and other casualty traps
  • vehicles to be aware of and where they're allowed to drive
This three course online class starts the beginning of next week. You do not need to sign up, and the courses are free of charge. Although, donations are always welcome.

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Tif said...

I found your blog through Merediths...and can I just say I'm looking forward to your tutorial! I was in Amsterdam in October and was in AWE of the bicyclists! Utter awe! I loved it! Who ever thought that bicyclists would have the right of way somewhere! Total different world from over here where they're more of a nuisance to everyone-pedestrians AND vehicles!

Oh, and it's good to know that an "outsider" can get it all figured out and fit in with their craaaaazy cycling, too! :)