Sunday, April 5, 2009

Get your motor running...

What do you do when you have a week in Barcelona, you've already seen a few of the major sites, the weather is absolutely perfect and you want to have a little fun? Why, rent motor-scooters and ride up the Costa Brava, of course!

It couldn't have been a more relaxing, enjoyable and fun day. The guys found a deal that allowed us to have the bikes for 10 hours for only 18 euros. We used up every single minute we had of those 10 hours by taking a day trip to Girona. The ride up the Costa Brava on the back of a bike was so nice. I'm sure it's fun being the one to actually drive, but being the passenger was much more peaceful and relaxing as I was able to watch the sunlight glimmer on the water while the wind whipped around me. (Plus, it makes for better video taking when you don't have to focus on the road).

We made it into Girona by early afternoon. It's quite a quaint and colorful city... and it was the perfect place for us to stop for lunch and explore. There is a river of water that flows around the city center with beautifully painted houses lining it. But if you make your way past that and enter the city center, you're welcomed by a giant cathedral which would dominate the city if it weren't surrounded by so many other buildings. And just like in most every other city in Europe, you could lose yourself in the small and winding roads while being enraptured by one detail or another, and be all the better for it.
Unfortunately time did not allow for that to happen with us, since the bikes had a curfew. So our walk was short around the city after lunch. But that was just fine, since having a curfew meant hopping back on the bikes and heading down the highway....

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