Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Europe... or bust!

Ever since I mentioned to my family that I'd be moving to Amsterdam, my mom had (what I presume was) a twinge of jealousy. She had tried, ever since that fateful day, to hop on the European bandwagon and move out here as well. Two years have come and gone and her never-ending attempts have finally paid off.

My mom is moving to Germany - in October, for at least two years. My mind reels with the endless opportunities available to me now!

  • Weekend trips "home" to do my laundry -- who cares that I have a washing machine at my own apartment.
  • I'll finally be able to get decent (and cheap) haircuts on my regular visits to Germany, since -although I love Holland- the hairstylists here really aren't that great.
  • All expense paid vacations to Greece, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, (and the list goes on)... all thanks to mommy dearest.
  • And best of all: access to the military base's American grocery store where all food items are priced in dollars!
(oh yeah, and it'll be nice having family close by)

Yay for moms moving to Germany!


Krista said...

The best hair cut i have ever had was in Manchester England. To bad those skills didn't make it to the mainland!

Rochelle said...

That is SO awesome!! Does she work for the military?