Monday, June 15, 2009

I took the train into Belgium on Saturday.

Now, you may think "hmm... exciting", with a twinge of sarcasm. And I'll whole heartedly agree that there's nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary about the above statement, especially here in Europe. But for the non-European readers out there, permit me to continue in my rambling. (I say non-European readers, because what you're about to read is, again, nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary -- if you were born and bred in Europe).

I caught the 7am train out of Amsterdam Central Station. 15 minutes later we were at Schiphol International Airport where 2 girls entered and sat in the seats in front of mine. 45 minutes after that, in Den Haag, the 2 girls were joined by 4 others... all giddy and excited - like most young 20-somethings when taking a road trip. Another 20 minutes later, in Rotterdam, a few more girls joined their group. And so it continued at every stop throughout the Netherlands.

By the time I changed trains in Antwerp Belgium, the group had swelled from 2 girls to at least 16. My thoughts, when watching the exchange, ranged from - 'you definitely can't do this in the US', to 'wow, they just keep on coming!" How they all knew each other from across the country is beyond me. (Granted Holland's size is equivalent to that of a US state).

But, where else can you take trip into another country and have friends join you along the way other than in Europe? Man, this continent is awesome.

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