Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Russian Parliament

In order to get into the Kremlin you have to go through a security check. So, we thought we were being a bit criminal when we snuck in my tiny camera after putting our others in a locker along with my purse. We were the ones played for fools though, when we saw every man, woman, and child snapping away with their cameras.

In order to feel our rebellious act was justified, I did take one 'no-no' shot inside a cathedral which was too beautiful to pass up. Thankfully I wasn't caught, otherwise who knows if I'd have been torn from the grasps of my friends, while kicking and screaming, and banished to Siberia.

The Kremlin, or parliament, is a square with governmental buildings, cathedrals and a few museums. Visiting it was an all day event, with most of it spent in the Armoury. The Armoury is the largest of the museums in the square. It's filled with gold and silverware, weapons and arms, carriages, faberge eggs, dresses, thrones, and so on. It was hard to imagine that Russians once experienced such refinery. But instead of moving forward, they were halted if not thrown back a step or two. It is nice to know that they now have started to repair the damage that was done and can get back on the path that leads to progression.

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