Sunday, May 2, 2010

Second best.

When I arrived at Britt's hotel room the following morning, she regretfully informed me that all RyanAir flights had been canceled for the next 48 hours. Meaning: our trip to Morocco was no more.  For added proof, or dramatic effect,... or for the slight hope that a miracle occurred and flights were cleared for take-off, she had BBC news playing in the background.  Devistation filled my heart, although I bravely tried to keep it from showing on my face. (Not too sure how well that worked). 

But, devistation or not, we picked up our things and continued onward... deciding to take advantage of our week by doing the next best thing (mainly out of necessity more than anything else).

We took on England.


kelley said...

It may not have been Morocco but I'm still jealous. Despite it all, you still have an adventurous life my dear. Keep at it.

Kristi said...

I am sorry for the disappointment! Hopefully you managed (wink, wink) to have a great time in England.