Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holy Ground... in my eyes.

London Temple

Before and after seeing the Druid's holy ground, Britt and I went to two places we think are holy.  We figured if we had to make a spontanious roadtrip, we were going to make the best out of it... and the only way to do that was to include the Preston and London temples. 

Preston Temple


c jane said...

I have visited both myself and must say: they really are the holiest places on earth.

And also, I love the Druids. (Happy Summer Solstice!)

Amelia said...

Beautiful! I love the temples. I'm hoping to one day find a nice picture of the Helsinki Finland Temple in the snow to hang in my front room.

It is fun to see pictures of a place I will probably never go: thanks for sharing!

(I'm following Cjane around.)